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ライブハウス、クラブ、野外フェス、場所を問わず全国を賑わせている唯一無二のインストロックバンドregaのギタリスト井出竜二と、ダンスミュージックを主体に多彩なサウンドを生み出すomaがお互いの活動の曲がり角で再会し曲作りを始める。異なるルーツを持つ2人の音が見事に融合し、シンプルながら心に直結したジャンル不問のサウンドを創りあげ、2013年10月、1st album 『Cooking Our Leftovers』を発表する。

Time skips back to the year 2007. oma and Ryuji Ide had met each other in a live house in Koenji. Nothing on the surface seemed to happen, but like any fate, both found themselves forming a duo in 2012.
Ryuji Ide, guitarist from the band rega, a one and only instrumental rock band performing in numerous live houses, clubs, and festivals, and oma, an artist who specializes in dance music, got together at the turning point of their musical careers.
Though their musical influences and background differ, their ideas and inspirations mixed well, creating a simple and straight foward yet "genreless" format.
In October, 2013, they will release their first album called, "Cooking Our Leftovers".

¥1,500 (including tax)